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MovingHeart is based on island of Korppoo in the heart of the Archipelago Sea. We operate extensively throughout the Archipelago sea .

The Archipelago sea has more islands than any other archipelago in the world. It has been described as the world's most beautiful archipelago. The archipelago scene varies from larger islands dotted with rustic pastures and vibrant villages, to wild and windswept rocky islets.

You can read more about Korppoo's offers, events and attractions here
Map of the Archipelago sea biosphere reserve


Travel instructions to Korpoström


Travel instructions to Nötö

The island of Nötö is located in the middle of the Archipelago National Park about 20 km from Nauvo to the south. The island is reachable by ferry MS Baldur. Ferry departs from Nauvo´s Pärnäs. Ferry trip to the island takes about two hours and is free of charge.
The ferry Baldur navigating the sea on a beautiful sunny day

We cooperate widely with the municipality of Parainen (Pargas), read more about tourism and activities in the area here:

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