Sea Kayaking

A beautiful pastel sea landscape with a kayak in the shore
Welcome to sea kayaking in the heart of the Archipelago Sea National Park. As one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos, it offers great opportunities for kayaking in the ever-changing landscape of thousands of islands, large cliffs, sheltered bays and lively archipelago villages.

We organize delightful sea kayaking tours of various lengths and high-quality courses for all kayaking enthusiasts. Our location in the middle of the Archipelago Sea National Park allows even short tours to access the amazingly beautiful archipelago. The tours are led by Gabriel, who is a certified sea kayaking guide and whom loves kayaking.

You can find all our paddling tours and courses under the name Paddling Academy. Welcome to an enchanting kayaking trip by the open sea!
Strange fishes glide in the depths,
unfamiliar flowers glow on the shore;
I have seen red and yellow and all the other colours, –
but the lovely sea is the most dangerous to look upon,
it makes one thirsty and wide-awake for waiting adventures:
what happened in the fairy-tale will happen also to me!

– Edith Södergran


On a night tour. Such an amazing experience. Gabriel is so charming as a person that he makes this experience completely his own.We could not have asked for anything more. (Well okay, more time to float in this bubble, so next year I reserve the whole weekend here) My heart has truly been moved. What a wonderful experience!

Tii-Anna Vanhanen
Sea Kayaking

A great kayaking trip in the archipelago sea.
Soul and mind nourishment at its best. Thank you 💚

Johanna Suominen
Sea Kayaking

I recommend! The wonderful island of Nötö and the kayaking guides

Ulla Eerikäinen
Sea Kayaking

As an experienced paddler, I want to mention that it was a great trip and I was reminded exactly of techniques that were familiar at the time, but less used. In addition general easiness, vigilance and bringing us to magnificent sea scenery – for which I thank you. This dance teacher can also be a great seakayaking guide!

Sirpa Nieminen
Sea Kayaking

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