Sea Kayaking

A beautiful pastel sea landscape with a kayak in the shore


On a night tour. Such an amazing experience. Gabriel is so charming as a person that he makes this experience completely his own.We could not have asked for anything more. (Well okay, more time to float in this bubble, so next year I reserve the whole weekend here) My heart has truly been moved. What a wonderful experience!

Tii-Anna Vanhanen
Sea Kayaking

A great kayaking trip in the archipelago sea.
Soul and mind nourishment at its best. Thank you 💚

Johanna Suominen
Sea Kayaking

I recommend! The wonderful island of Nötö and the kayaking guides

Ulla Eerikäinen
Sea Kayaking

As an experienced paddler, I want to mention that it was a great trip and I was reminded exactly of techniques that were familiar at the time, but less used. In addition general easiness, vigilance and bringing us to magnificent sea scenery – for which I thank you. This dance teacher can also be a great seakayaking guide!

Sirpa Nieminen
Sea Kayaking

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