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Three people admiring the archipelago sea from a cliff
We live and work in the heart of the Archipelago Sea. The Archipelago Sea is a truly unique archipelago, even by global perspective. With more than 50,000 islands, it is the largest archipelago in the world.

The Archipelago Sea refers to the sea area between the Åland Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, which is part of the Baltic Sea. The Archipelago Sea area comprises more than 8,000 square kilometers, of which 2,000 square kilometers is land. The biggest islands of the Archipelago Sea are still inhabited all year round and this makes the Archipelago Sea a unique cultural destination. Most of the small islands and islets are wild and uninhabited and this, together with the everyone's rights, gives travelers unique opportunities to enjoy the nature. In addition, the Archipelago Sea is also accessible by public ships and ferries. This combination makes the Archipelago a very special place and a wonderful destination for visitors. On Moving Heart tours and events we collaborate with other local services and you get to experience and see island culture and lifestyle.

You can read more about history of the Archipelago Sea here:
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Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve

Archipelago Sea National Park

Our activities focus especially on the area of the Archipelago National Park. The Archipelago National Park was established in 1983 to protect the nature and culture of the Archipelago Sea. National Park is located south of the main islands of Korppoo and Nauvo. The park is 50,000 hectares in size and thus the largest of Finland's four marine national parks. The landscape of the Archipelago National Park is dominated by vast archipelagos consisting of rock formations and forested islands and large backwaters. A large part of the archipelago has been part of UNESCO's global network of biosphere reserves since 1994. The Biosphere Reserve of the Archipelago Sea, together with local residents, entrepreneurs, researchers, authorities and various organizations, wants to find sustainable ways of living and working in the archipelago - ways that promote the positive development of the Archipelago and the cleanliness of the sea. We are involved in the activity as an official partner of the Biosphere Reserve.

Both ElinMaria and Gabriel have traveled around the globe several times and seen many beautiful places. From our experience the landscape of the Archipelago Sea is one of the most impressive, a true treasure in the world. We are blessed that it's also our home. It is an immense pleasure for us being able to bring you with us to explore, enjoy and fall in love with archipelago.

Map of National Park (link to PDF)

You can read more about the Archipelago Sea National Park here:
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