A group of people kayaking on the blue archipelago sea
Moving Heart's activities are based on ecological and social sustainability. We aim to create an environment where everybody is welcome to experience nature, art and wellness as empowering tools for the common good in people's lives, in the society and with the beautiful planet Earth. We are committed to the development of sustainable tourism and take responsibility of social and environmental values into account in everyday life and in all our activities. Since 2023 we have been participating in the Green Activities certificate program and the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program. In addition we are a partner of the Archipelago National Park and the Archipelago Biosphere Reserve.

Our work is based on everyone's right to have authentic experiences and at the same time learn to take care of nature and each other; thus our activities has high standard of ethic guidelines, structural and environmental awareness. We believe this is crucial for social equality and for future generations and an important source of resilience in times of ecological and social crises.

Our vision and driving force is to create qualitative, meaningful and felt experience of connection to ourselves, each other and nature. We wish to contribute with compassion, care and joy to this world!

Nature impact

The nature of the archipelago where we live and work is a matter of our hearts and we work closely in cooperation with it. We bring people to natural simple living-conditions in close contact to nature to learn how to leave as small trace after as possible. On our activities we recycle and sort our waste and serve mainly organic vegan food from sustainable ingredients. In our events we do always some work together, you might help us to carry water, chop vegetables or light a campfire. We also want to minimize energy consumption in our activities. In the archipelago, we mainly use kayaks and rowing boats as a modes of transportation and the electricity we use is solar or wind electricity. We also try to minimize our purchases and are very mindful in what we buy. We encourage our customers also to use public transport whenever possible. This is what we want to bring out in all our activities:

Our promises:
1) We respect nature, wildlife, local cultural environment and its inhabitans
2) We prefer renewable energy
3) We prefer products and services produced nearby and responsibly
4) We recycle the waste and we also help you to recycle
5) We offer activities for small group sizes
6) We are transparent and responsible in our operations and communication
7) We use the most sustainable transportation possible when we need to travel
8) We are committed to continue developing the sustainability of MovingHeart

Principles of sustainable nature tourism

1. We support the preservation of valuable features at the sites and promote their protection
2. We minimise the load on the environment
3. We strenghten local aspects
4. We promote use of the sites to increase health and well-being
5. We promote growth and job creation in the local economy
6. We communicate together about the values and services of the site

Social impact - equality and diversity

We intend to share our work with social and structural awareness and value art, wellness and nature experiences to be a powerful tool for the common good in people’s life’s and society. We work actively to create many opportunities for different people to take part in culture, wellness and nature-activities. We base our work in smaller communities and as well as to depopulated and rural areas such Archipelago and countryside.

Our promises:
1) We intend to create a welcoming and as safe space as possible for all people regardless body, gender, age, identity, ethnicity and religious believe.
2) We have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.
3) We intend to continue learning about social analyzes and structural awareness and how they go hand in hand with social sustainability.
4) We are committed to keep on develop our Safer Space guidelines and to implement them to all our activities.
5) We have competence in Trauma Informed Approach; meaning we realize and recognize the widespread impact of trauma and stress in community members, we seek to actively resist re-traumatization.
6) We intend to continuously keep on learning from each other

Safer space

Moving Heart intend to create a welcoming and as safe space as possible for all people regardless body, gender, age, identity, ethnicity and religious believe. We wish to create for everyone as inclusive environment as possible. We are curious to learn from each other.

Read here more about our Safer space policy: link.

Read here our Safer space guidelines for Contact Improvisation link.

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